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Honouring Lebanon's craftsmanship

For the Lebanese community, traditional handicrafts are considered an art of living; craftsmen use local materials to create objects for practical, everyday use. The cultural and historical significance of handicrafts creates a sense of pride among artisans and people living in the rural areas of Lebanon.

Each piece presented by BEIT Collective is either made in Lebanon, inspired by Lebanon or designed by a Lebanese designer or artist. By connecting Lebanon to the rest of the world, we are able to share and promote Lebanese culture and craft.

BEIT calls on sculptors, furniture designers, jewellers and fashion designers to reimagine their art form by applying it to bespoke items for the home, which it produces almost exclusively in Lebanon. Enlisting the country’s long-revered artisanal and manufacturing expertise, BEIT is working with nearly 60 people in different industries in Lebanon – from woodwork and glass to metal and terrazzo.

Treasured for generations.