While employing over 60 artisans in Lebanon during a severe economic crisis, BEIT is an ambitious brand whose objective is to restore the image of Lebanese crafts, highlighting rare know-
how and precious materials


With the presence of foreign designers, Lebanese artisans can explore new techniques and can adapt their know-how to a wider market.


As demand grows, BEIT aims at outsourcing as many different artisans as possible to create a wider impact. 


A wider interest in Lebanon’s aesthetic and culture is also emphasised by our few of our pieces made abroad by Lebanese designers or with a Lebanese theme.

In the recent years, Lebanon has been suffering from a deep economic crisis. More than half the population has become below the national poverty line, with the majority of workers suffering from a drastic change in purchasing power. 

With the unemployment rate on the rise, an increasing share of households is facing difficulty in accessing basic services, including health care. 
It is now, more than ever, that local workers and artisans need to continue working on their craft.  
BEIT will do its best efforts to perpetuate the well being of its team of artisans and workers. 

We create for each other to invest in each other.  
In creating a healthy working environment, BEIT can improve the wellbeing of our artisans and help them get through these difficult times.