The work of artist and architect Adam Nathaniel Furman is a triumph of joyful colour and bold geometry. Through his practice, he explores the expression of nuanced ideas through decoration, such as mixing cultures, pairing classical references with modern technology and articulating radical queer aesthetics. In this reconciliation of opposites, Furman creates in an incredibly sensual but also immediately comprehensible way. 

Furman prefers to work in two ways: large public-scale works and personal, domestic objects. While this may at first seem antithetical, Furman is drawn to work that sits within the intimacy of everyday life. Whether that is a permanent mural on a public street or a decorative piece at home, Furman creates a context that sits there passively but beautifully, injecting colour and – as he describes it – campness to its surroundings. 

The designer has been exhibited internationally and his work is held in the collections of leading cultural centres such as the London Design Museum, Carnegie Museum of Art and Architectural Association. He has created high-profile installation works for institutions such as the London Design Festival and the National Gallery of Victoria, as well as product collaborations with the likes of IKEA, de Rosso and Mirrl.  

With BEIT, Furman has created two delightful collections: The Baalbek porcelain ceramic vase inspired by classical Lebanese architecture and a set of seating that takes its reimagines Khayzaran, the art of caning.

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