Alexandra Hakim is a jewellery designer who is known for her mastery of craft and commitment to zero waste design. Finding inspiration from a diverse and surprising range of sources, she creates delicate pieces that take design cues from Lebanon’s industrial coastline, Mediterranean tomato stems and Mexican food markets. Hakim makes her jewellery by hand, combining traditional methods with inspired technical mastery. Using recycled or found materials that would otherwise be wasted, Hakim has long prioritised sustainability in her practice. 

Hakim studied at Central St Martin’s and Rhode Island School of Design, where she honed her artisan craft and creative practice. Her eponymous jewellery line was launched in 2016 in Beirut and immediately attracted acclaim, quickly establishing the designer in the often male-dominated world of metalwork. Hakim’s jewellery has been worn by Rhianna and featured in Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire.


With BEIT, Hakim has turned her eye to product design, developing a series of artisan and wonderfully sculptural ashtrays. In this collaboration, she beautifully reimagines an everyday object where functionality has often eclipsed its decorative potential.


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