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A side (tables) project revisited


Thalis Nicolaou’s work for BEIT showcases his ability to creatively approach the design process. The two pieces he revisited from his ‘A Side (Tables) Project’ are now transformed with vibrant color palettes and bold shapes, all of which draw inspiration from Lebanese culture. The new designs bring an elevated and contemporary twist to the traditional concept of side tables.

As a designer, Nicolaou is known for his problem-solving abilities and technical expertise, making him a perfect candidate for complex furniture design. He believes that aesthetic appeal should not compromise the functionality of the furniture. His focus on finding innovative solutions to external challenges allows him to design furniture that is both visually appealing and practical.

With his deep understanding of form, material, and function, Nicolaou effortlessly balances the aesthetic and functional aspects of his furniture designs. This approach is evident in his work for BEIT, where he masterfully blends traditional Lebanese influences with modern design elements to create pieces that are both beautiful and functional. His ability to find ingenious solutions to technical limitations is what sets him apart as a designer, and his work for BEIT is a testament to his creativity and skill.

The Process

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