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Architectural Lights


In this collaboration with BEIT, designer Tarazi created a stunning set of light fixtures that take inspiration from the works of renowned minimalistic architects Ricardo Bofill and Tadao Ando.

Tarazi’s collection pays tribute to the minimalist school’s stalwarts while also infusing her distinctive playful style, resulting in a fresh interpretation of the philosophy’s practical applications.

Discover Tarazi’s elegant and innovative light fittings in her inaugural collaboration with BEIT.

Va-et-Vient Light

Designer Tarazi draws inspiration from the Japanese architect Tadao Ando, whose designs seek a balance between nature and architecture, and aim to evoke spiritual transcendence and tranquility through their interaction. Ando’s fascination with illumination has earned him the moniker “the poetry of light,” as some of his most iconic designs center on light as a transformative element. The Church of Light in Osaka, for example, features an illuminated cross that pierces through an austere concrete structure.

Tarazi responds to Ando’s poetic approach to architecture with the ‘Va-et-Vient,’ a striking geometric design that explores repetition, ratio, and enclosure. This statement piece is composed of an external rectangle structure that encloses a bold cube of light, crafted from scrap metal or wood, allowing it to revel in the raw materiality of its construction.

The ‘Va-et-Vient’ also features a playful modular design that encourages interaction. To operate the light, users must move the outer box, inviting them to consider the role of light in their own spaces and how it can transform them. With its bold design and emphasis on user interaction, the ‘Va-et-Vient’ is a tribute to Ando’s philosophy and a testament to Tarazi’s innovative approach. Experience the power of light and geometric form with the ‘Va-et-Vient’ in Tarazi’s latest collection.

Serena Light

Transform any space into a work of art with Tarazi’s ‘Serena’ light fixture, inspired by the iconic project of minimalist architect Ricardo Bofill’s ‘The Factory’. Experience the harmonious balance of form and function as ‘Serena’ echoes traditional Lebanese design while also paying tribute to the original industrial features of ‘The Factory’.

Crafted from high-quality metal or wood, this exquisite light fixture features repeated panels that interplay in different heights and directions to create a warm, inviting glow that radiates a sense of calm and serenity throughout any space. Drawing inspiration from Bofill’s enduring example of combining Abstractionism, Brutalism and Surrealism in architecture, ‘Serena’ puts the use of light at the forefront of its design.

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of warmth to your home or create a serene atmosphere in a commercial space, ‘Serena’ is the perfect lighting solution. The marriage of antithetical energies in this cohesive, functional design makes it a must-have for anyone seeking an elegant and innovative lighting solution.

Immerse yourself in the creative potential of architecture, while enjoying the warm and calming ambiance it brings to your space. Experience the perfect blend of beauty and function with Tarazi’s ‘Serena’ light fixture.

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