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Baalbek is an ancient city in Lebanon that boasts a rich history and grandeur that has inspired many artists and designers over the years. Furman, in particular, was captivated by the beauty and magnificence of Baalbek, and created a collection of handmade porcelain vessels in homage to this historical splendour.

The Baalbek collection is a beautiful representation of the union of the past and present. It perfectly blends the grandeur of the Roman Empire with the modern aesthetic sensibilities of the 21st century, resulting in a collection that is both timeless and contemporary. Each vessel is meticulously crafted by hand, showcasing the immense skill and dedication of the craftsmen involved in their creation.

The Process

The porcelain vase, in particular, is a true technical feat. The vibrant pink colour is notoriously difficult to achieve in porcelain, and requires a high level of technical expertise to accomplish. Additionally, the curvature of the vase makes it a challenging canvas for the decal, which must be carefully positioned to prevent warping or distortion.

Despite the technical challenges involved in creating the Baalbek collection, Furman remained dedicated to his craft and committed to creating pieces that honour the rich history and cultural heritage of Lebanon. By supporting and cultivating traditional crafts and skills that date back to ancient times, the Baalbek collection serves as a beautiful testament to the enduring legacy of Lebanon’s past and its continued influence on contemporary design.

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