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Adam Nathaniel Furman presents a colourful set of three hand-blown glass tumblers and a carafe.

Furman’s artwork is a unique and intriguing creation that draws upon multiple sources of inspiration. By combining the imagery of chess pieces with elements of Lebanese culture, Furman has created a collection that is both visually striking and conceptually complex.

The tumblers that move around the table in the artwork are a particularly fascinating aspect of the piece. They seem to be more than just inanimate objects, imbued with a sense of personality and individuality that makes them feel like living beings. As they move around the table, the tumblers create a sense of movement and energy that evokes the bustling activity of a miniature city.

The use of the court and army of a chessboard as a reference point is also noteworthy. Chess has long been associated with strategy, competition, and the dynamics of power, and by evoking these themes in their artwork, Furman has created a tableau that is rich with symbolism and meaning. The tumblers can be seen as representatives of different factions or players on the board, each vying for position and advantage.

The pieces are available with and without colour (clear glass). Available colours are pink, white, green, and lilac. Custom-made colours are also possible upon request.

The Process

The tumblers featured in Furman’s artwork are not only visually captivating, but also represent a fusion of traditional and contemporary glassblowing techniques. To create these stunning pieces, skilled artisans use the lampwork technique to hand blow each tumbler using borosilicate glass, a type of glass known for its durability and clarity. The use of this technique allows for greater precision in shaping and detailing each tumbler, resulting in a polished and refined appearance.

After the tumblers have been formed, they are carefully transported to another workshop in Beirut, where they are coated in a layer of spray-painted enamel. This additional step adds a vibrant burst of color to each piece, bringing an exciting contemporary twist to the traditional craft of glassblowing. The mix of these techniques highlights the artistry of glassblowing in a fresh and innovative way, showcasing the versatility and beauty of this time-honored craft.

Furthermore, it is important to note that these tumblers are crafted in one of the last glass workshops in Lebanon, lending an added layer of significance and value to the artwork. By supporting this traditional craft and the artisans who practice it, Furman’s work pays homage to the rich cultural heritage of Lebanon and helps to ensure that these techniques and traditions are kept alive for generations to come.

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