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In a nostalgic tribute to his childhood, Hamza Mekdad has artfully resurrected the multipurpose essence of an original Corinthian-shaped heirloom from his family home—a cherished artefact that once seamlessly transitioned from vase to sink to cooking vessel. Drawing further inspiration from the iconic Corinthian pillars of the Baalbek temple, Mekdad has skilfully reinterpreted this piece’s time-honoured versatility for today’s dynamic environments.

The initial iteration of his vision materialized as a foldable paper vase, ingeniously infusing the classic Corinthian motif with a twist of modern practicality. This innovative creation deftly balances historical reverence with contemporary convenience, presenting an aesthetically pleasing, space-efficient design solution that honours its ancestral functions.

The Process

The design’s evolution continued with the introduction of exquisite brass and red brass variants, which not only enhance the piece’s visual appeal but also maintain the original’s inventive spirit by employing the same technique of melding two bent sheets. These brass vases and candle sleeves are meticulously hand-hammered, continuing a long-standing tradition from the skilled artisans of Northern Lebanon, near Tripoli.

This latest collection by Mekdad not only celebrates the fusion of history and modernity but also showcases a living lineage of Lebanese craftsmanship.

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