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Melissa Haddad

Melissa Haddad’s artistry draws inspiration from the enchanting landscapes of Lebanon’s North, where nature’s beauty and ancient symbolism converge. Her collection for BEIT Collective is a testament to this timeless fusion.

Melissa’s creations harmoniously blend the ancient and the contemporary. They capture the essence of Lebanon’s rich cultural heritage while seamlessly incorporating the modern aesthetic preferences of today. The result is a collection that transcends eras, offering a timeless yet contemporary appeal.

Every piece in Melissa’s collection bears the mark of meticulous craftsmanship. Handmade with dedication and skill, these creations are a true reflection of artistry, ensuring that each piece is a work of unparalleled beauty and sophistication. Explore Melissa Haddad’s collection and experience the seamless union of past and present, artistry and symbolism.

The collection

The Gaia Coasters, Astral Plates, and Serpentine Plates by Melissa Haddad: Artistic Creations of Profound Significance

  1. Gaia Coasters: Delve into a world of symbolism with Melissa Haddad’s enchanting coaster set, handcrafted in the picturesque North of Lebanon. Each coaster is a canvas for distinct terrestrial motifs: the palm tree, snake, sun, and butterfly, each carrying deep symbolism from the natural world. Melissa’s meticulous craftsmanship turns these coasters into veritable works of art that invite contemplation and grounding during your moments of relaxation.
  2. Astral Plates: Melissa Haddad’s talent shines through in this two-plate set inspired by celestial beauty. These plates capture the dance of day and night, light and shadow, echoing the perpetual rhythm of the sun and moon. The Lunation dinner plate elegantly portrays the moon’s diverse phases, while the Helios Sun Dessert Plate pays homage to the radiant sun. When thoughtfully stacked, they reveal a celestial narrative that encourages reflection on the cosmic dance of existence.
  3. Serpentine Plates: Melissa Haddad’s collaboration with BEIT Collective results in a mesmerizing set of two plates, transcending the boundaries of dinnerware. Inspired by the eternal symbolism of the Ouroboros, the larger plate features a graceful green serpent symbolizing growth and renewal, while the smaller plate showcases a diminutive red snake symbolizing the perpetual cycle of life. Stacked together, they form a symbolic story of unity, life’s eternal cycle, and rebirth, inviting reflection on the enduring nature of creation and renewal.

Despite the technical challenges involved in crafting these pieces, Melissa Haddad’s dedication to her craft shines through. Her work not only honours Lebanon’s rich history and cultural heritage but also underscores the enduring influence of its past on contemporary design. Explore Melissa Haddad’s collection and immerse yourself in the profound symbolism and artistry that defines each piece.

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