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Studio Caramel’s latest collection for BEIT Collective is a beautiful fusion of history and modernity, drawing inspiration from Lebanon’s rich cultural heritage. The designer’s admiration for the country’s stunning archaeological and artistic sites is evident in the collection, while BEIT Collective’s mission of promoting Lebanese craftsmanship shines through their exceptional skills showcased in the pieces.

‘Groove’ is composed of a bench, stool, side table, coffee table and matching ashtray crafted by expert Lebanese woodworkers and metalworkers who have passed their craft from father to son.

The collection embodies a rare and authentic blend of historical and cultural influence, giving it a unique character and story. It showcases the designer’s innovative vision and the artisanal expertise of the BEIT Collective, resulting in exquisite pieces that capture the essence of Lebanese craftsmanship.

This new collection is a testament to Studio Caramel’s and BEIT Collective’s commitment to preserving traditional Lebanese craft, while also celebrating its modern interpretations. The pieces reflect the designer’s passion for history, art, and innovation, making them a perfect addition to any space.

The Process

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