Made entirely of recycled glass, Adam Nathaniel Furman reimagines the Phoenician technique of glass blowing.
Consisting of a geometrical “Blue Quay” Tumbler and “Fluted Buoy” vase, the pieces are inspired by marine relics which echo the perfect imperfection of recycled glass.

Furman created this line to mimic the aquatic and ancient environment of the cities of Phoenicia, like treasure washed up on the beach, from lost ancient civilizations.


The artisans working on the recycled collection have, for generations, been the most prolific family of glassblowers in Lebanon.
Using a Phoenician furnace, the artisan pulls out a glowing ball of molten glass using a metal rod and blows air into the molten mass creating a glowing bubble. After a few seconds, the artisan rotates the pole to create a bulbous shape and then inserts it into a custom-made cast-iron mould for the object to take the desired shape and is detached from the metal bar.
The glass is then taken to another artisan who cuts the top of the vase and tumblers for use with a diamond cutter to achieve maximum precision.