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Pyromania and Sandstorm


Alexandra Hakim, an artist with a keen eye for design, has embarked on a new project with her BEIT collection of artisan ashtrays. With her unique vision and masterful metalsmithing skills, Hakim has transformed an everyday object into something that is not only functional but also incredibly sculptural.

Through her work, Hakim seeks to challenge the notion that an ashtray is merely a practical object, devoid of any decorative potential. She has carefully considered the design of each piece in her collection, creating statement ashtrays that are as visually striking as they are functional.

Inspired by the moment of ignition, when something is brought to life, Hakim has infused her ashtrays with a sense of magic and transience. She remembers being captivated by the beauty of burnt matches during her university days, and has drawn on this fascination to create her oversized ashtrays that command attention and admiration.

In addition to her personal inspiration, Hakim has also been influenced by the Surrealist school, which sought to break free from the constraints of convention and create works of art that were truly unique and unexpected. With her BEIT collection, Hakim has successfully captured this spirit of creativity and innovation, infusing her ashtrays with a sense of artistic elevation that elevates them far beyond their practical use.

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