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Adam Nathaniel Furman is a celebrated artist and architect known for his bold use of color and geometry. His work is a triumph of joyful expression, exploring the nuanced ideas of culture mixing, the fusion of classical references with modern technology, and the articulation of radical queer aesthetics. Through this reconciliation of opposites, Furman creates work that is sensual yet immediately comprehensible.

Furman prefers to work in two ways: large public-scale projects and personal, domestic objects. Although seemingly antithetical, Furman is drawn to work that sits within the intimacy of everyday life, injecting color and campness to its surroundings. Whether a permanent mural on a public street or a decorative piece in a home, Furman creates a context that is both beautiful and passive.

Furman’s work has been exhibited internationally, and his pieces are held in the collections of leading cultural centers such as the London Design Museum, Carnegie Museum of Art, and Architectural Association. He has created high-profile installation works for institutions such as the London Design Festival and the National Gallery of Victoria. Furman has also collaborated with renowned brands such as IKEA, de Rosso, and Mirrl on innovative product designs.

Experience the bold and joyful expression of Adam Nathaniel Furman’s work today, and discover why he is considered a master of color and form.

With BEIT, Furman has created four delightful collections: The Baalbek porcelain ceramic vase inspired by classical Lebanese architecture. The Beiruti Collection, inspired by the Lebanese craft of Khayzaran. The Chess collection, a series of glasses and carafe made from borosilicate glass. Finally, the Phoenician collection made entirely of recycled glass.

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