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Adam Nathaniel Furman are a celebrated artist and architect known for their bold use of color and geometry. Their work is a triumph of joyful expression, exploring nuanced ideas of cultural fusion, the blend of classical references with modern technology, and the articulation of radical queer aesthetics. Through this merging of contrasts, they craft pieces that are both sensual and instantly graspable.

They prefer to operate in two spheres: grand public-scale endeavors and intimate, personal items. While these approaches may seem disparate, they are captivated by works that resonate with the day-to-day experiences, infusing surroundings with vibrant hues and a touch of camp. Whether it’s a permanent mural gracing a public street or a decorative artifact in a residence, they craft environments that are both stunning and contemplative.

Their creations have been showcased globally, and their art pieces grace the collections of esteemed cultural institutions like the London Design Museum, Carnegie Museum of Art, and Architectural Association. They’ve fashioned high-visibility installation pieces for entities such as the London Design Festival and the National Gallery of Victoria. Collaborations with iconic brands like IKEA, de Rosso, and Mirrl have also marked their innovative design journey.

Delve into the striking and exuberant world of their artistry today, and understand why they’re revered as a maestro of color and structure.

With BEIT, Furman has created four delightful collections: The Baalbek porcelain ceramic vase inspired by classical Lebanese architecture. The Beiruti Collection, inspired by the Lebanese craft of Khayzaran. The Chess collection, a series of glasses and carafe made from borosilicate glass. Finally, the Phoenician collection made entirely of recycled glass.

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