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BEIT Editions

Jonathan Blezard started out his career in his home city of Brussels, where he studied graphic design. From there, he made two life-changing discoveries: traveling and engraving techniques. So, he specialized in etching and dry point printmaking – and he moved to Lisbon. A few sunburns and Portuguese lessons later, he met publishing enthusiasts when working as an illustrator and graphic designer at Vivoeusebio where he picked up their passion for paper, print design and books.

Today, Jonathan lives between France and Lebanon and considers his illustrative practice as ornamental. He is fascinated by ceramics and embroidery. His sensitivity is imbued with his life in the Middle East, lulled by the Mediterranean and the sun. Constantly fed by the picture books of the old souks. The main attraction of his inspiration in Lebanon is certainly the glass paintings of Antara ibn Shaddad and some oriental artists such as Helmy El-Touni and Hussein Alazaat and Khelifa Jelassi.

Inspired by the soft sensation of the first rays of the morning sun, this collection reflects the moments when dream and reality meet. An ephemeral world dominated by emblematic characters who will guide you from the moment you wake up, until nightfall.

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