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Hamza Mekdad is a versatile and accomplished designer based in Beirut, serving as the creative force and director at Factory People. His work, known for spearheading some of the most renowned clubs, festivals, and experiential events in the region, is deeply rooted in the rich tapestry of Levantine history and culture. With a profound appreciation for Islamic arts, Hamza’s creative portfolio is diverse, encompassing product design, mechatronics, and spatial design, as well as illustration and animation. His multifaceted expertise reflects a harmonious blend of traditional motifs and contemporary innovation, making him a vanguard in the multidisciplinary design realm.

With BEIT, Hamza Mekdad has created a design that thoughtfully revives the multifunctional essence of a Corinthian-shaped heirloom from his childhood home. This heirloom, versatile enough to serve as a vase, sink, and cooking vessel, is reimagined drawing inspiration from the Corinthian pillars of the Baalbek temple, blending historical significance with modern utility.

Mekdad’s initial design was a foldable paper vase, incorporating the classic Corinthian style with contemporary practicality. This innovative piece balances historical respect with modern convenience, offering a space-efficient and aesthetically appealing design.

The design evolved further with the addition of brass and red brass variants. These pieces, hand-hammered by artisans from Northern Lebanon, continue the tradition of craftsmanship while maintaining the original’s innovative spirit. Mekdad’s collection is a testament to the fusion of historical elements and modern design, highlighting the enduring legacy of Lebanese craftsmanship.

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