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Melissa Haddad

Melissa Haddad is a versatile designer whose unique perspective draws from a diverse upbringing in countries such as Indonesia and Tunisia. These early experiences infused her work with a global influence and a keen aesthetic sense.

She began her design journey by studying graphic design at the American University of Beirut. This educational background served as the initial platform for honing her creative skills in various design fields, including branding, art direction, and illustration.

Melissa’s passion for design has since expanded beyond graphic design into the realm of product design in collaboration with BEIT Collective. This transition represents her evolving creative journey and a commitment to exploring new design avenues.

In Melissa Haddad, we find a designer whose work is shaped by a multicultural perspective and a dedication to pushing the boundaries of design. Her ability to merge diverse cultural influences with design principles promises to deliver innovative and impactful creations that resonate with a global audience. Melissa’s journey is a testament to the power of creativity and the endless possibilities it can offer.

Within BEIT, Melissa Haddad has carefully curated three exceptional collections. The Gaia Coasters, inspired by nature, feature motifs like the palm tree and snake, inviting reflection. Her Astral Plates capture the celestial dance of day and night, embodying the ever-turning cycles of the sun and moon. Meanwhile, the Serpentine Plates, inspired by the Ouroboros, symbolize unity and renewal. Melissa’s dedication to her craft pays tribute to Lebanon’s heritage and its influence on contemporary design, offering a profound blend of symbolism and artistry in each piece. Explore her collections to uncover these captivating narratives.

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