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Thalis Nicolaou

Thalis Nicolaou’s creative journey has been defined by his ability to see beyond limitations and push boundaries. He is a problem-solver at heart, always seeking out elegant and innovative solutions to design challenges. This philosophy is evident in his diverse range of projects, which span across various design disciplines. From his fridge that tackles food waste to his artisan approach to flat-pack furniture, Nicolaou’s work is an exercise in practicality, sustainability, and aesthetics.

Nicolaou’s commitment to side projects and creative experimentation is a testament to his love of design. ‘A Side (Tables) Project’ was a particular highlight, as it allowed him to explore his creative freedom and produce something meaningful in his Cypriot studio. Nicolaou’s approach to the project was both ambitious and playful, designing a table a day for each letter of the alphabet. The end result was a collection of expertly crafted and thoughtfully named side tables, each a reflection of his passion for community and collaboration.

With BEIT, Nicolaou has revisited two of his side tables from the project and reimagined them with a fresh, bold aesthetic inspired by Lebanese culture. These new designs pay homage to Nicolaou’s commitment to finding unexpected joy through design, even when working within external limitations.

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