Studio Caramel

In 2016, at a time when Beirut was witnessing an unprecedented creative frenzy, Studio Caramel was created, which designs furniture and other unique objects, including astonishing mobile carts, curiosity objects that very quickly became their signature product.

From the studio creations emanates a common sensibility: the work is conceptually witty, with a knack for details and bold materials coming together to form innovative and unusual combinations.

The designs are inspired by the striking references of the 20th Century, including the spirit of the time and its exceptional furniture, but also alluding to transportation vehicles, visual culture, and the numerous historicized achievements. The studio was quickly able to reach international recognition, allowing collaborations with notorious actors of the hospitality industry such as Soho House as well as international brands including De Gournay, Kann Design, Wallpaper* Store, and others.

The year 2021 marks a major step in the adventure of the young practice, which established itself in France to launch a new collection centered around their flagship product, the mobile cart; associated with conviviality, gatherings, and socialization, it represents the opening of a new chapter and a reunion following a year marked by separation and social distancing.


    Embodied by historical and cultural influence, the new collection by Studio Caramel                          for BEIT Collective is a marriage of history with the present.

On one hand, the designer’s fascination by the outstanding archaeological and artistic sites of Lebanon is reflected in the collection, and on the other, BEIT collective’s authentic       mission of preserving Lebanese craft is highlighted by the rare know-how displayed.