Thalis Nicolaou is a Cypriot designer,  specialising in furniture, although perhaps his approach to creative work is best typified as problem-solving. Whether the focus is a fridge that tackles food waste or an artisan approach to flat-pack furniture, his practice centres on finding elegant solutions to technical challenges. Nicolaou skillfully balances aesthetics with functionality and proves unexpected joy can be found through ingenious solutions to external limitations. 

After completing his studies at Brighton University, Nicolaou began ‘A Side (Tables) Project’: an ode to side-projects, side-tables and working inside restrictions. For Nicolaou, the project was deep personal. It represented a message of hope from his Cypriot studio and an antidote to post-graduation job hunting. Nicolaou committed to designing a table a day until he had produced a design for each letter of the alphabet. The pieces were made from locally sourced, often repurposed, materials and constructed within the tight dimensions of 40x40cm. The outcome produced a series of efficiently designed (and playfully named) side tables,  rooted in the spirit of Cypriot community and collaboration. 


For BEIT, Nicolaou has revisited two pieces from ‘A Side (Tables) Project’, reimagined with bright colour palettes and bold shapes inspired by Lebanese culture.